Openai updates Memory feature with a capacity indicator for ChatGPT

· 1 min read
Memory indicator

OpenAI has updated its memory feature for users, indicating when the memory is 91% full, as the limit stands at 2000 tokens. The update displays the memory capacity status in the Personalization tab. This development aims at helping users better understand and manage memory usage.

Additional features are anticipated, especially for custom GPTs, which will have their own memory spaces. These spaces will operate independently from each other and from ChatGPT, pointing to a scenario where custom GPTs could tackle more intricate tasks, especially with the upcoming voice module. Detailed information on accessing or tracking this feature for custom GPTs has yet to be announced, but the community is looking forward to these updates.

There's also a planned small change to the plan upgrade notification, introducing a clear switch for personal and business plans to make choosing an option smoother. This change to the user interface is not yet public, suggesting its availability for users in the future.

personal and business plans toggle

About ChatGPT's Memory Feature: ChatGPT's memory feature allows for a custom and ongoing history with its AI models, primarily aimed at providing a more personalized experience. Created by OpenAI, this technology permits a unique experience by recalling past exchanges. The recent update and the introduction of separate memory storages for custom GPTs underscore OpenAI's dedication to increasing the sophistication and adaptability of its AI tools.