Anthropic is working on a Recent Chats page and Chat Search

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Recent Chats page on ClaudeAI

Anthropic is developing new features and updates for Claude AI, focusing on the user interface (UI) and additional functionalities, including a dedicated page for browsing past conversations. This page will feature a search option to allow users to effortlessly locate specific discussions and sorting options to organize chats based on usage or creation date. Moreover, the Claude iOS app is set to receive updates that include a feedback and bug report tab, enabling users to directly communicate their insights and issues, aiding in the app's improvement.

Users of Claude AI can look forward to an improved UI and functionality. With the introduction of a dedicated page for past conversations, finding specific information or revisiting previous discussions will become more straightforward, thanks to the addition of search and sorting.

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About ClaudeAI: ClaudeAI is a conversational AI developed by Anthropic, designed to facilitate discussions across various topics. It serves as a platform for users to engage with an AI for information, entertainment, and general conversation.