Google rolled out Gemini 1.5 Pro with 2M token context window on AI Studio

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Gemini Pro 2M

Google has rolled out Gemini 1.5 Pro with a 2 million token context window to the first batch of whitelisted users on AI Studio. This update significantly improves the model's ability to process and analyze large datasets, including extensive documents, lengthy codebases, and hours of audio and video content. The 2 million token context window is a major upgrade from the previous 1 million token capacity, allowing for more sophisticated reasoning and problem-solving capabilities across various modalities.

Gemini 1.5 Pro, initially released in February 2024, has been praised for its multimodal capabilities, which include text, images, audio, and video inputs. The model has undergone several improvements, such as enhanced translation, coding, reasoning, and multimodal understanding. These updates are part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency and performance of their AI models, leveraging the Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) architecture to enhance processing speed and quality.

The rollout of the 2 million token context window is currently in private preview, and developers can join the waitlist via Google AI Studio or Vertex AI for Google Cloud customers. This extended context window is expected to expand the potential applications and effectiveness of the Gemini 1.5 Pro model, making it a valuable tool for developers and enterprises looking to tackle complex tasks and large-scale data analysis.

In addition to the context window expansion, Google has introduced new developer features such as:

  1. Video frame extraction
  2. Parallel function calling
  3. Context caching

These features further enhance the model's utility and affordability. Combined with the model's advanced capabilities, they position Gemini 1.5 Pro as one of the leading AI solutions in the market.