WIP: ChatGPT is working on an editing feature for DALL-E-generated images

Explore the upcoming ChatGPT feature for DALL-E image edits - try the new Edit button before it releases and delve into AI metadata insights!

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WIP: ChatGPT is working on an editing feature for DALL-E-generated images

A potential 'Edit hover button' has been spotted, which could soon allow users to directly modify DALL-E-generated images in a certain way. This feature is notably still under wraps and not operational, but it hints at an exciting expansion of the already impressive AI-generated art.

How to Stay Updated and Prepare for the Edit Feature

  1. Keep an eye on the official ChatGPT announcements for any updates regarding the release of this feature.
  2. Follow @testingcatalog and other key tech influencers for the latest news and feature leaks.
  3. Experiment with DALL-E image generation to become familiar with its current capabilities, ensuring a head start once the editing function goes live.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that DALL-E generated images are now imbued with extensive C2PA metadata, making it easier for platforms to identify and label AI-generated content. The implications of this for content authenticity and platform moderation could be significant. Find more on that below 👇

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About ChatGPT and DALL-E

ChatGPT, known for its conversational prowess, and DALL-E, the AI system that can generate images from textual descriptions, are both products of OpenAI's profound push into artificial intelligence. This development underlines the continuous enhancement of AI tools, empowering users to create complex digital content effortlessly. ChatGPT's potential integration with DALL-E’s editing dimension promises a fusion of text and visual creativity like never before.

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Understanding the Source and Its Implications

The leak of this potential new feature was discovered and shared by a tech enthusiast known for reverse engineering popular apps to unveil upcoming updates. The pertinent information and the screenshot indicating the 'Edit' option can be found here.