ByteDance's Coze platform launched its Workflow Store for AI bots

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Coze workflow

ByteDance's Coze platform has launched its Workflow Store, enhancing user capabilities to create and share AI bot workflows. This feature allows AI bots to perform actions like searching on Google or generating logos, expanding Coze bots' functionalities.

Key Features of the Coze Workflow Store:

  1. Public Sharing and Collaboration: Users can share workflows publicly, enabling others to use and build upon them. This collaborative approach enhances Coze bots by leveraging community contributions.
  2. Diverse Workflow Capabilities: Available workflows can perform various actions, such as web searches and logo generation, which can be integrated into Coze bots to automate tasks.
  3. User-Centric Design: The Workflow Store is user-friendly, allowing even those with minimal programming experience to create and deploy sophisticated workflows. This aligns with Coze's mission to lower barriers to AI bot creation and deployment.
Workflow Store on Coze
Workflow Store on Coze

The Coze June Challenge:

Alongside the Workflow Store launch, Coze announced the "Coze June Challenge," a hackathon focused on workflows. Participants are encouraged to submit workflows to the Coze Workflow Store for a chance to win perks and prizes. The challenge aims to foster innovation and engagement within the Coze community.

Prizes and Perks:

  1. Free Coze Tokens: Participants can earn Coze tokens for use within the platform.
  2. Workflow Recommendations: Winning workflows will be highlighted and recommended to other users, increasing their visibility and usage.
  3. Increased Message Limits: Winners will receive higher message limits, allowing their bots to handle more interactions.