LeonardoAI released Phoenix, its new image-generation model

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Leonardo AI Phoenix

Leonardo AI has recently launched its foundational model, Phoenix, which introduces several new features and improvements in AI-generated imagery.

Update: Now Phoenix is also available on the iOS app:

‎Leonardo.Ai - Image Generator
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Here are the key aspects of the Phoenix model based on the provided sources:

Key Features of Leonardo Phoenix

  1. Exceptional Prompt Adherence:
    • Phoenix is designed to set a new standard in prompt adherence, ensuring that the generated images closely follow the given text prompts. This feature is particularly beneficial for creating detailed and specific visual content.
  2. Coherent Text in Images:
    • The model can generate clear and accurate text within images, making it ideal for creating banners, posters, and logos. This capability addresses a common challenge in AI image generation where text often appears distorted or unclear.
  3. Architectural Innovations:
    • Phoenix incorporates architectural innovations that enhance its capabilities in AI-generated imagery. These innovations contribute to the model's ability to produce more detailed and vibrant images compared to previous models.
  4. Greater Creative Control:
    • The model includes features like prompt enhancement and AI prompt editing, allowing users to easily modify their generations and achieve the desired results. This provides users with more flexibility and control over the creative process.
  5. Preview Release and Future Integrations:
    • The current release of Phoenix is a preview version, and some features like image guidance, elements, and photorealism are not yet available but will be integrated in the near future. Users can expect further improvements in fidelity and functionality as the model evolves.

Generating images with text on Leonardo AI

User Experience and Feedback

  • Positive Reception:
    • Users have reported that the images generated by Phoenix are visually pleasing, with improved detail and vibrancy. The model's ability to handle multi-subject prompts and generate more photorealistic human portraits has been particularly praised.
  • Areas for Improvement:
    • Some users have noted issues with the accuracy of hands and faces in the generated images, which is a common challenge in AI image generation. Additionally, there have been reports of images appearing blurry compared to other models like KinoXL, but this is expected to improve with future updates.

How to Access Phoenix

  1. Open the Image Gen V2 Tool.
  2. Navigate to the Preset Menu.
  3. Select the Leonardo Phoenix Preset.
  4. Utilize the Prompt Enhance Feature:
    • This feature enhances prompts that are under 200 characters, improving the quality of the generated images.
  5. Historical Prompt Editor:
    • A new icon shows the historical prompts, allowing users to review and refine their previous inputs.


Leonardo AI's Phoenix model represents an advancement in AI-generated imagery, offering improved prompt adherence, coherent text generation, and greater creative control. While it is still in the preview phase with some features yet to be integrated, the initial feedback from users is promising, indicating that Phoenix has the potential to set a new level in the field of AI image generation.