ByteDance's Coze introduces a comments feature for its AI bot platform

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Comments Coze's AI bot

Coze, a ByteDance-baked AI assistant platform, has recently improved its service by integrating a comments section for its AI bots. This feature is positioned on the right side menu under the description of each bot, offering users a space to leave reviews or inquiries. This development reflects Coze's commitment to evolving rapidly, highlighted by the quick adoption of this feature by many leading AI bots on the platform. The ability for users to post comments is poised to promote a more interactive community by leveraging user feedback.

To observe this new function in action, users can follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Coze platform.
  2. Choose an AI bot from the selection available.
  3. Access the right-side menu to find the bot description.
  4. Locate the comments option to read existing feedback or leave a new comment.
ByteDance’s Coze: A new frontier in AI bot creation
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This new capability may lead to various user experiences, including transparency regarding bot performance through peer reviews, the ability for bot developers to receive direct feedback, and a more engaged user community.

A new Gemini Flash being available on Coze

About Coze: Coze is an AI assistant platform developed with the support of ByteDance. It serves as a dedicated space for developing and deploying AI bots, leveraging existing AI models for rapid platform enhancements and growth. Recently, Coze introduced a comments feature for its bots, reinforcing its position as a rapidly evolving platform in comparison to competitors such as GPT-Store. With access to the latest AI technologies like Gemini Flash at no cost, bot builders on Coze have seen substantial engagement, with many bots exceeding a million.