ICYMI: ElevenLabs rolled out Text to Sound Effects AI audio model

· 1 min read
ElevenLabs text to sound effect UI

ElevenLabs recently launched "Text to Sound Effects," a tool allowing users to convert text prompts into audio content such as sound effects, short instrumental tracks, soundscapes, and character voices. This tool makes the audio production process more accessible for creators in film, television, video games, and social media by offering a straightforward way to create high-quality sound content.

To use this tool, users must log into the ElevenLabs platform, navigate to the Sound Effects section, describe the desired sound in a text prompt, click the generate button, and download the preferred generated samples. This method is easy to follow, making it viable for a broad audience, from professionals to hobbyists who aim to incorporate quality audio into their projects efficiently.

ElevenLabs text to sound effect UI

This tool is adaptable for producing a wide array of audio content, from basic effects like thunderstorms and lion roars to complex instrumental tracks and character voices. Its partnership with Shutterstock to utilize ethically-sourced data ensures the tool has a varied and quality library to generate sound content, fulfilling the needs of contemporary creators.

About Text to Sound Effects: Developed by ElevenLabs, Text to Sound Effects is an AI-driven tool that turns text descriptions into various audio contents, intended to aid creators in the entertainment and social media realms. Key features include straightforward sound generation, adaptability in creating different types of audio, and availability on ElevenLabs' platform, supported by ethically-sourced data for its content generation.