Anthropic's Claude AI enhances link-sharing UI, mirroring ChatGPT features

· 1 min read
Link sharing menu on Claude

Recently, reverse engineers of Claude AI, developed by Anthropic, have observed updates to its link-sharing user interface (UI). This update is noted for its resemblance to the UI of ChatGPT, marking a shift from its previous iteration which was hidden under a feature flag to a more accessible sharing menu. The new sharing feature appears targeted towards organizational use, suggesting that access might be confined to users subscribed to a Team plan. This development implies that links shared via this updated UI will be visible to individuals within the same organization.

The user experience with this updated UI includes several noteworthy aspects. First, it makes the process of sharing links among team members within an organization, potentially making collaboration smoother. Additionally, the familiar layout, similar to that of ChatGPT, may ease the transition for users between these platforms. However, as this feature is reportedly set for A-B testing, its availability and the extent of its functionality might change, indicating a gradual implementation plan by Anthropic.

About Claude AI: Claude AI is a tool developed by Anthropic, aimed at assisting in various tasks through artificial intelligence. Its creation and operational aspects are tailored to support productivity and cooperation within teams and organizations. The recent updates to its link-sharing UI reflect Anthropic's dedication to improving usability and responding to the requirements of its business clients.