NFT released by Bitcoin bandits to convert Solana NFTs into Bitcoin ordinals

· 1 min read released by Bitcoin bandits to convert Solana NFTs into Bitcoin ordinals

Bitcoin bandits, a group known for their work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, has developed a new application called This innovative app allows users to 'burn' their Solana NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and convert them into Bitcoin ordinals. The purpose of is to empower the community by facilitating ownership of NFTs as not all collections inherently provide this option.

How to use to convert Solana NFTs to Bitcoin ordinals

Follow these simple steps to use and convert your Solana NFTs into Bitcoin ordinals:

  1. Link your wallet to the designated website provided by
  2. Choose the Solana NFTs you want to convert on the website.
  3. Provide the address of your Bitcoin ordinals wallet.
  4. Confirm the conversion and wait for your newly converted NFTs to be transferred to your Bitcoin originals wallet.

Benefits of using

This new feature will be useful for users who are deeply invested in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. By providing an option to convert Solana NFTs into Bitcoin ordinals, offers more flexibility and control over users' digital assets. This process will enable users to:

  • Secure their NFT collections on a different blockchain, potentially reducing risks associated with reliance on a single blockchain.
  • Unlock value through an alternative digital asset (Bitcoin ordinals) which could also have a significant market demand.
  • Access more trading and investment opportunities by diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolio.


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