Alpha testers can now access Twitter Spaces on Android via the link to a hosted Space

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Alpha testers can now access Twitter Spaces on Android via the link to a hosted Space

Updated 24.02.21: Added more UI screenshots.

Updated: 25.02.21: Added an opt-in form for Spaces testing.

Twitter Spaces is a new project by Twitter that supposes to bring Clubhouse experience to the app. Both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces started as iOS only and now they are in a race for Android users who are thrilled to jump on the Voice apps train.

To be able to try it out, you will need to opt-in via Spaces feedback form first.

You can get into Space by clicking on the URL link. It seems that Alpha build has an Intent that can handle Spaces URL pattern. Not sure if it is intended because there are no other UI elements for Spaces in the app.

In order to connect to a Space you will need to find an active conversation that was created via iOS. This example link should show a message that the conversation is over.

It is quite hard now to navigate between Spaces because there are no controls around. So you have to get to the first Space via the link you used to join, to leave it. But it still works in the background at the same time.

This is how notification and settings look like.

Twitter Alpha Spaces UI

And this is how the transcribed text looks like on Android. It activates when you turn your volume down.

Twitter Alpha Spaces transcribe UI

This feature seems to be available on the Alpha build 8.84.0-alpha.04 so you would need to become an Alpha tester for Twitter in order to try it out.

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