YouTube allows creating Shorts out of a sound from videos on Android

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YouTube allows creating Shorts out of a sound from videos on Android

Shorts are not yet available everywhere yet but YouTube keeps extending this feature with more and more tools. It appears that on some normal YouTube videos, you may notice a Create action button below. This button will take audio from the YouTube clip and add it to the Shorts creation view.

This will allow creators to capture Shorts within the context of any YouTube clip and upload it right away. It is not clear yet if any of such Shorts will be connected to the video clip but it may be a cool feature to have it.

The Short editor allows you to adjust the sound according to the video that you've captured.

The Create button is only available on some videos while it may be not available on others.

How to test:

  • Open any YouTube video.
  • Tap on the Create button below.
  • Capture a Short video and publish it.

Tester Context:

  • 📲 YouTube is a well-known video social app by Google.
  • 📲 YouTube is available in Beta and you can opt-in as a tester via Google Play.
  • 📲 YouTube also releases some of its experimental features only to Premium users.
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