Gemini is aiming to get Python execution on Advanced plans and data protection for Workspaces

Unlock the power of Google Gemini's new Python code features and robust data protections for Workspace with our latest coverage. Dive in now!

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Gemini is aiming to get Python execution on Advanced plans and data protection for Workspaces

Google's commitment to integrating AI into its suite of products has just catapulted to new heights with the latest leaked announcements concerning Gemini. The tech giant is pushing forward by planning to introduce Python code execution capabilities for its Gemini Advanced users—an enticing development for programmers and data scientists. On another front, Google Workspace customers are being assured higher levels of security with enterprise-grade data protections. Let's explore how these innovations can revolutionize your workflow.

Upcoming Google Gemini Release Updates

A full changelog

Exclusive to Gemini Advanced: Edit and run Python code

Exclusive to Gemini Advanced, you can now edit and run Python code snippets directly in Bard's user interface. This allows you to experiment with code, see how changes affect the output, and verify that the code works as intended.

Why: These coding capabilities are particularly beneficial for two main use cases: learning and verification. For example, students can play with Gemini's code examples to better understand how modifications impact the outputs. This interactive learning experience can help you grasp coding concepts more effectively. Or, developers can quickly check if the code generated by Gemini runs correctly before copying it. This saves you time and ensures that the code you use is functional.
Enterprise-grade data protections for Workspace customers is now available in Gemini

Available today, the new Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans give Google Workspace customers access to one of Google’s most capable AI models, 1.0 Ultra in Gemini, and enterprise-grade data protections. Administrators can manage Gemini settings via the Google Workspace admin console. The Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans are available and optimized in English in over 100 countries and territories.

Why: Businesses should be able to use Gemini confidently at work. With the Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans, you can elevate your creativity and productivity with access to one of our most powerful models, 1.0 Ultra, while also trusting that your conversations aren't used to train Gemini models. This is just the beginning with even more innovation to come, upgrade today to Gemini Business or Gemini Enterprise.

Who Benefits from These Features

Python code execution in Gemini Advanced serves as an invaluable tool for programmers, data analysts, educators, and students. It facilitates a more hands-on approach to coding, elevating the efficiency and competence of all involved. Enterprise-grade protections, on the other hand, cater to administrators and business owners who prioritize data security while leveraging AI capabilities for enhanced productivity.

About Google Gemini

Google Gemini stands as a shining example of AI integration into productivity and creative tools. With the introduction of these new features, Gemini is not just an AI model; it is a catalyst for secure, creative, and efficient workflows that align with modern technological demands. Its commitment to providing a versatile platform for coders and business professionals ensures that Gemini remains at the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

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