Udio unveils AI-powered music track extension for Pro users

· 1 min read
Udio upload

Udio has rolled out a new functionality for its paid members, enabling them to augment an audio piece by 32 seconds. Subscribers may append up to two minutes of additional content to the beginning or end of their submissions. This development is intended to furnish users with inventive and problem-solving tools within music creation.

Furthermore, the service now permits the downloading of audio files in WAV format for superior sound quality. Enhancements to both mobile and desktop platforms have been made for smoother navigation, along with improved search features including tag suggestion. It should be noted, however, that compositions extended with this new capability cannot be shared on Udio but are available for personal download.

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Udio targets musicians with a platform aimed at assisting in audio edits and musical composition, brought to life by a team committed to advancing music production technology. Presently, Udio introduces capabilities tailored to boost the creative phases for its paying users, including AI-powered track extension and refined usability across various devices, as well as superior search mechanisms.