[Delayed to 18] A new Google Gemini update is scheduled for June 12 after Apple WWDC

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Gemini updates

Google has set a date for an upgrade to its Gemini application, planned for June 12. This news follows the company's announcement of extending Gemini mobile apps availability into the European territory on June 5. There are high expectations for the upgrade, with predictions leaning towards the launch of AI bots "GEMs" or a memory function. Notably, this upgrade is arranged two days following an Apple event on June 10, amid speculations of an impending collaboration with OpenAI.

Deciphered code has shown that Google intends to unveil 3 distinct items during the June 12 upgrade, though these plans might be adjustable. Yet, the specific advancements the upgrade will introduce remain to be seen until the declaration is made.

Gemini, a product by Google, is aimed at facilitating a variety of tasks for its users. It acts as a hub for different features, including potential AI abilities and memory functions. The extension of the app to European users marks its escalating prominence and usefulness in Google's array of offerings. To partake in the new features expected with the June 12 upgrade, users are advised to update their Gemini application to the latest version.