Telegram beta for Android 7.5.0 got group link QR codes, temporary group invites and more

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Telegram beta for Android 7.5.0 got group link QR codes, temporary group invites and more

Post updated: Added a section about Auto-delete group messages feature. Updated section about Broadcast groups. Removed a section about granular notifications.

Time-limited group invites and QR codes

Group invites with QR code and expiration time settings were revealed last month in the beta client for macOS and now these features finally made their way to Android beta version.
You can access it from the group type setting. There you can manage invite links to set a limit on users or time. You can also generate a group link QR code from the same menu. Generated QR code will also have a tiny Telegram logo in the middle.

You can check how QR code looks like on the post banner ☝️

New content reporting options

Telegram beta 7.5.0 also allows users to select from multiple options to report the content to Telegram moderators.
There you can find a section where you can describe your complaint in detail. Additionally, you can multi-select several messages to complain at once.

Telegram beta reporting options

Widgets support for Android

Telegram beta 7.5.0 also got a widget support! There you can select a list of chats and channels to be shown on the widget. Widgets also could be of two types: list and folder.

Telegram beta widgets for Android

Auto-delete setting for group messages

Group admins can set a timer for group messages to self-destruct on Telegram beta 7.5.0. This feature can be accessed from a 3dot menu of the group chat. There you can set an auto-delete mode for 24 hours or 7days.
It is also likely that this setting will get more granularity in the future in next releases. However, it would be also nice to allow all group members to be able to set this timer for their messages as well like it is done on Signal.

Auto-delete timer for group messages on Telegram beta

Broadcast group type on Telegram

The main feature of this release is group invites and group QR codes. But we also know that Telegram is working on a new group type: Broadcast group, that works like a channel where selected people can chat.

This group type already supported in Android client but there is no way to create such group on the app yet 😑

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Telegram beta itself is a standalone app and there is no way to get it from Google Play. Instead, you can check how to become a beta tester for Telegram on TestingCatalog.

How to become a beta tester for Telegram apps on Android (Telegram, Telegram X and Plus Messenger)
Updated on March 2020. Currently, there are three official Telegram clients for Android - Telegram, Telegram X and Plus Messenger. All of them have a beta program but they are distributed in different ways.

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