Perplexity rebrands Reddit focus to 'Social' as it eyes broader search

· 2 min read
Perplexity Social focus

Perplexity, the AI-powered search engine, is expanding its capabilities to search across multiple social networks, moving beyond its initial focus on Reddit. This development signals a significant enhancement in Perplexity's ability to provide users with a more comprehensive view of online discussions and content.

The renaming of the "Reddit" focus option to "Social" on Perplexity's web interface indicates a broader approach to social media search. This change suggests that Perplexity is preparing to incorporate other social platforms into its search functionality, potentially including popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

While the possibility of searching X (formerly Twitter) through Perplexity would indeed be a substantial advantage, it's important to note that X's data access is currently exclusive to Grok, making this particular integration unlikely in the near future. However, Perplexity's move towards a more inclusive social search feature still represents a significant step forward in its capabilities.

The "Projects" feature, although not entirely new, is a recent addition to Perplexity that allows users to organize their research and queries more effectively. This feature helps users manage and structure their information gathering process within the platform.

AI prompt

One of the most interesting developments is the ability to add custom prompts to Collections in Perplexity. This feature enables users to set specific guidelines or instructions for all new threads started within a particular collection. By applying these custom prompts, users can tailor the AI's responses to better suit their needs or the theme of their research, enhancing the relevance and focus of the information provided.

These updates collectively demonstrate Perplexity's commitment to improving user experience and expanding its search capabilities. By broadening its social media search options and offering more personalized features like custom prompts in collections, Perplexity is positioning itself as a more versatile and powerful tool for online research and information gathering.