Gemini AI to get next updates on July 15 and 18

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Release Schedule

Google is set to roll out several updates to its Gemini AI assistant in July, according to recent findings by reverse engineer @testingcatalog. The updates are scheduled as follows:

Update from July 12: The July 11 update was postponed to July 15.

  • July 11: One change is expected to be implemented.
  • July 18: Four changes are slated for release, making it a particularly noteworthy date for Gemini users.

UPDATE: Google announced several Gemini updates during the Galaxy Unpacked on July 10.

  • ♊️ Get suggestions from Gemini based on what’s on your screen (only Z Series)
  • ♊️ Circle to Search on the new Z Series
  • ⌚️ Try Wear OS 5 on the new Galaxy Watches
  • 📺 Watch YouTube TV in multiview on Z Series

Will we see a screen vision for Pixels tomorrow on Jul 11? 👀

It's important to note that these dates are tentative and subject to change at Google's discretion. The information was obtained through code analysis, where placeholders for upcoming announcements were identified.

While the specific details of these updates remain undisclosed, there is considerable anticipation in the tech community regarding some major features currently in development. Two such features that users are eagerly awaiting are:

  1. GEMs (Gemini Extension Modules): These are expected to enhance Gemini's capabilities and functionality.
  2. Memory: This feature could potentially allow Gemini to retain information from previous interactions, leading to more contextual and personalized responses.

The scheduled updates suggest that Google is continuously working to improve and expand Gemini's capabilities. However, it's unclear if these highly anticipated features will be part of the July releases or if they are planned for a later date.

As with any tech rollout, users should be prepared for potential changes in the release schedule. The tech community will be watching closely as these dates approach, hoping for significant enhancements to the Gemini AI assistant.