Character AI tests new Suggested Reply feature amid mixed feedback

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Suggested Reply

Character AI is currently working on a new feature called Suggested Reply. This feature takes the last three messages from the chat context and generates suggestions for quick selection. The purpose of this feature is to assist users in responding to messages by providing ideas based on the conversation history.

User Feedback

The reaction to the Suggested Reply feature has been mixed. Some users find it helpful, especially those who are new to the platform or struggle with responding to certain messages. On the other hand, some users believe that this feature defeats the purpose of chatting with the bot, as it can make the conversation feel less interactive and more automated.

Autopilot Concerns

One of the primary concerns about the Suggested Reply feature is whether it will make the chat feel like it's on autopilot. While the feature is designed to assist users, it is essential to ensure that it does not take away from the interactive nature of the chat. Character AI needs to strike a balance between providing helpful suggestions and allowing users to maintain control over their conversations.

Integration with Other Features

The Suggested Reply feature is part of a broader set of updates and experiments that Character AI is rolling out. These updates include features like Character Calls, which allows for seamless two-way conversations with characters, and the Edit Button, which enables users to correct minor mistakes in their messages. The integration of these features will be crucial in determining the overall user experience. | Personalized AI for every moment of your day
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The Suggested Reply feature is currently available on the website version of Character AI and may be limited to users who are subscribed to Character AI Plus ( The availability of this feature on the mobile app is still uncertain.