Gemini is rolling out globally on Android

Explore the Gemini AI app, now globally available on Android. Unlock new AI powers by updating your Google app today.

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Gemini is rolling out globally on Android

The Gemini app, which builds upon Google's AI endeavours, is now making waves worldwide. Initially launched in US, Google has now expanded availability, allowing Android users across the globe to harness the power of Gemini directly on their mobile devices.

Accessing Gemini on Your Android Device

  1. Sideload and install a Gemini APK from APKMirror (version 1.0.605683889).
  2. Update the Google app to the latest version from Google Play (or sideload version 15.5.60)
  3. Open Gemini app to give it a try 🔥

App Integration and Update Process

Gemini is not an independent application; it integrates closely with the main Google app. Users who previously sideloaded Gemini need only to update their Google app to the latest version via Google Play. This update enables access to Gemini, bypassing the previous regional availability restrictions. The app offers a user experience akin to its web counterpart but optimized for mobile devices.

User Experience Insights

However, the app presents some challenges, particularly in voice recording functionality. Unlike ChatGPT, Gemini terminates voice recordings at the end of each sentence, preventing continuous conversation recording. Additionally, the app lacks a voice mode feature, which is a significant drawback for users who rely on voice interaction.

Technical Issues

Users have also encountered issues with the image generation feature. Despite its recent launch, Gemini sometimes fails to generate images, a problem acknowledged by Google engineers as a high-priority fix. Another limitation is the app's access to updated information; it occasionally provides outdated content, especially for niche topics, due to its limited access to the most recent search index.

The Gemini team is working hard on collecting user feedback and shipping bug fixes and updates. You can provide it officially via Google Play or by posting it on X as well.

Gemini on iOS

Update: Now rolling out on iOS in the US region. Sadly you cannot sideload iOS apps. It looks like there will be a switch between the Google app and Gemini on iOS as they are both a part of the same app.

User reports on Threads

About Gemini

Building on the foundation set by Google Bard, Gemini represents Google's continued efforts at the forefront of AI technology. It offers an AI experience designed to answer questions, provide explanations, and even hold a conversation, albeit with some current limitations in voice interaction and image generation. However, Google's dedication to the AI race and the improvement of its platforms ensures that these issues will be actively addressed.

Gemini Experiment
A comprehensive guide to Bard Experiment: Discover how to access Bard, stay updated with the latest features, and try the latest AI experiments.

Source and Community Response

The roll-out of Gemini worldwide first came to light through TestingCatalog and user reports on Twitter, with several individuals from the EU and other regions confirming accessibility following a Google Play update. This development has sparked discussions and shared experiences about the new AI capabilities on Android devices, underlining the community's eagerness and readiness for more sophisticated AI integration in everyday technology.