Mirror integrates Polygon for NFT minting, offers a new default setting option

Explore the integration of Polygon on Mirror for minting NFTs with ease. Dive into the latest feature settings and ecosystems now.

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Mirror integrates Polygon for NFT minting, offers a new default setting option

In an exciting turn for creators and blockchain enthusiasts, Mirror, the decentralized publishing platform, is integrating the Polygon network to offer a more accessible and affordable NFT minting experience. This move will allow writers to mint their work as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain by default, tapping into faster transactions and lower gas fees. This integration cements Mirror's commitment to empowering creators with blockchain technology, opening up new horizons for the platform's users.

How to set your writing to be minted on Polygon

Ready to immortalize your written pieces on the blockchain? Follow these steps to set your NFTs to be minted on Polygon through Mirror:

  1. Navigate to your Mirror dashboard.
  2. Go to the general NFT settings.
  3. Select the option to mint your NFTs on Polygon.

This simple adjustment in the settings is all it takes to leverage the benefits of Polygon's network while creating and trading writing NFTs on Mirror.

Setting Polygon as a default option on Mirror

Who Benefits From This Integration?

The integration of Polygon into Mirror's ecosystem is a game-changer, particularly for:

  • Content creators: Writers and bloggers can now easily mint and sell their work as NFTs on Plygon, reaching a wider audience while maximizing profits.

This strategic move by Mirror showcases its dedication to user empowerment and the broader adoption of blockchain technology in creative fields.

About Mirror and Polygon

Mirror is a decentralized blogging platform that has redefined content monetization by integrating blockchain technology. It allows creators to publish their work and be rewarded directly through cryptocurrency. Their approach to decentralized content has been revolutionary, creating a space for censorship-resistant and blockchain-backed writing.

Polygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a framework for building interconnected blockchain networks. It aims to address some of Ethereum's major limitations, including its throughput, poor user experience (high speed and delayed transactions), and lack of community governance, by creating a multi-chain ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

About the Source

The announcement of Polygon's integration with Mirror was shared directly on the Polygon team's blog on Mirror, which can be found at the provided link. As a direct source, it provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on this recent development.

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