Microsoft's Copilot app now boasts 4 new specialized GPTs

Discover Microsoft Copilot's new update with four specialized AIs for design, travel, cooking, and fitness. Dive in now for a smarter experience!

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Microsoft's Copilot app now boasts 4 new specialized GPTs

Explore the Newest Quartet of Specialized Copilots in Microsoft's Latest App Update

Microsoft has rolled out an exciting update to its versatile Copilot app, incorporating four new specialized Copilots designed to refine your daily activities. Each Copilot introduces a unique skill set to aid users in various domains, including design, travel planning, cooking, and fitness. Whether you're looking to craft eye-catching images, map out your next getaway, discover delectable recipes, or personalize your workout routine, these Copilots make it all more accessible and enjoyable.

How to Dive into the New Copilot Features

  1. Update your Microsoft Copilot app from your respective mobile app store to ensure you have the latest version (tested on iOS).
  2. Launch the app and utilize the newly streamlined sidebar to select the specialized Copilot you wish to engage with.
  3. For the Designer Copilot, prompt it with a concept and let the DALL-E-powered AI bring your visual idea to life.
  4. When using the Vacation Planner Copilot, input your travel preferences to receive tailored itineraries and suggestions.
  5. Interact with the Cooking Assistant Copilot by sharing your dietary needs and taste preferences to get customized recipe ideas.
  6. To create a fitness plan with the Fitness Trainer Copilot, specify your fitness goals and level to obtain a custom workout regimen.

Who Will Benefit From These New Copilot Services

This update targets AI early adopters who are always at the forefront of technology. With these specialized Copilots, design enthusiasts can expand their creative palette, travellers can streamline trip preparation, food lovers can spice up their meals, and fitness aficionados can enhance their exercise sessions—all from a single platform. These AI-powered assistants offer both convenience and customization, allowing users to maximize their time and creative potential.

Updated Copilot UI on iOS

Microsoft Copilot at a Glance

Microsoft Copilot is an expansive tool that employs AI to assist users in a myriad of tasks, now including creative design, travel planning, culinary exploration, and personal fitness. It's designed to function intuitively, with a conversational interface that adapts to the user's needs and learning style. Leveraging the power of GPTs (Generative Pretrained Transformers), Copilot delivers personalized experiences that evolve continuously through interaction and feedback.

Full Changelog

What's New:
- Introducing Copilot Pro Support for an enhanced app experience.
- Now you can Log In with your Work or School Account for easy access.
- Enjoy our New Chat UX, redesigned for a smoother conversation experience.


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