ChatGPT integrates enhanced DALL-E controls for granular image customization

Explore new DALL-E integration in ChatGPT with enhanced controls for style, aspect ratio, and prompts—coming soon!

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ChatGPT integrates enhanced DALL-E controls for granular image customization

Harnessing the power of advanced AI, OpenAI's ChatGPT is set to level up the creativity realm by integrating more nuanced controls for its DALL-E model. As per the latest buzz, these new dropdown menus will be offering users a refined experience in generating visual content. Enabling specificity in aspects such as prompt intensity, visual style, and aspect ratio, these controls are slated to significantly boost user customization.

How to Use DALL-E Controls in ChatGPT:

  1. Navigate to the DALL-E within the ChatGPT interface once the update is released.
  2. Locate the new dropdown controls that have been added to the interface for more granular adjustments.
  3. Select your desired Prompt setting by choosing between:
    • Boost – to give more weight to certain elements of your prompt.
    • Strict – to adhere more closely to the prompt's specifications.
  4. Choose a Style setting that influences the art style of the generated image:
    • Automatic – lets the AI choose the most suitable style based on the prompt.
    • Natural – for a more realistic and subdued look.
    • Vivid – to generate images with more vibrant and expressive visuals.
  5. Select the Aspect Ratio that fits the intended use of the image:
    • Automatic – the AI chooses the best aspect ratio based on the content of the prompt.
    • Square – for a 1:1 aspect ratio, useful for profile pictures and app icons.
    • Widescreen – for a wide format, which is ideal for landscape images or headers.
    • Vertical – suits long scrollable content or mobile screens.
  6. After adjusting the controls as desired, submit the prompt to generate an image with your specified DALL-E settings.
Granular DALL-E controls

OpenAI's ChatGPT, already renowned for its conversational prowess, will further solidify its position as an indispensable tool for innovation in digital spaces. The enhanced capabilities to generate and manipulate images through DALL-E strengthen its application across various industries seeking AI-powered solutions for visual content generation.

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