Instagram is pushing colour filters for Reels to more users

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Instagram is pushing colour filters for Reels to more users

This feature was previously tested in February and now seems to become available to more profiles.

A similar feature also exists in stories and it allows you to apply certain video fillers to your Reels. Filters, being one of the core Instagram features can give Reels a bit more Instagram flavour.

The feature is still not yet available to everyone and likely is just another A/B testing wave. Did you get colour filters too?

Tester Context:

  • 📲 Instagram is a popular social network owned by Facebook. In addition to photos and videos, it supports lots of different content formats such as Reels, IGTV, Live Streams and more.
  • 📲 Instagram is also available in Beta and you can opt-in as a tester via Google Play.
  • 📲 Instagram is also available in Alpha and you can opt-in by joining its Alpha Testing Google Group
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