Pika Labs rolled out its AI video platform to more early access users

Dive into Pika Labs' AI video generation: create 3-sec clips, upscale, and personalize with ease - no credits needed!

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Pika Labs rolled out its AI video platform to more early access users

In a technology landscape that never ceases to amaze, Pika Labs just made a splash with its introduction of an AI-enabled feature that’s set to revolutionize video content creation. Tailor-made for prompt engineers and AI early adopters, Pika Labs now offers users the ability to conjure up 3-second videos merely from text prompts or existing media files. Beyond this, the platform extends its offering with video upscaling capabilities and the option to expand the video duration to an impressive 7 seconds, providing new dimensions to digital storytelling.

Upscaling and other options

How to Utilize Pika Labs' New AI Video Generation Features

  1. Visit Pika Art website or open the app if you already have an invite.
  2. Choose your preferred starting point: Enter a text prompt for the AI to generate a video from scratch or upload an existing media file.
  3. If needed, specify the regions of the video you wish to modify and specify the format you need.
  4. Submit your request and take advantage of the fast queuing system for quick processing.
  5. Once the video is created, you can further utilize the upscaling feature for enhanced visual quality.
  6. Download or share your AI-generated video directly from the platform.

AI-generated video by platform

Who Will Benefit from Pika Labs' Video Generation?

This new suite of features is particularly beneficial for content creators, marketing professionals, and social media influencers who are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to engage their audience. With no need for tokens or credits, which are commonly required by other platforms, Pika Labs removes a barrier to entry, making AI video generation more accessible. The ability to perform targeted modifications and adapt videos to various formats also means that users can create highly customized content suitable for a range of platforms and purposes.

Format selection

More About Pika Labs

Pika Labs has been carving a niche in AI-assisted creative processes, offering a platform that simplifies video content creation while embracing the growing demand for quick and adaptable media solutions. In a sphere where time and originality are of the essence, Pika Labs empowers users through state-of-the-art AI to generate unique video content at an unmatched pace. As the AI video generation field grows, Pika Labs is positioning itself as a beacon for enthusiasts and professionals who are keen to experiment with cutting-edge tools to bring their ideas to life.