ICYMI: ChatGPT can show images in voice UI and has GPT starters on iOS

Discover new ChatGPT iOS app features enhancing user interaction and customization—image viewing, custom prompts, & ActionsGPT shortcuts

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ICYMI: ChatGPT can show images in voice UI and has GPT starters on iOS

The landscape of conversational AI is in constant evolution, and the latest updates to the ChatGPT iOS app underscore this dynamic space. With the introduction of advanced features such as image viewing during voice conversations and conversation starters for custom GPT models, the app aims to enhance interaction and customization for its users, making the AI experience more engaging and versatile.

How to Access and Use the New Features

  1. Viewing Images in Voice Conversations: After initiating a voice conversation, images generated by ChatGPT can be viewed directly within the chat. If the image is in the way, simply tap to minimize it to a corner, and tap again whenever you wish to revisit it.
  2. Using Conversation Starters with Custom GPTs: Open the ChatGPT app and start a chat with a custom GPT model. The app will now offer personalized conversation starters relevant to your custom model to kickstart the dialogue.
  3. Navigating to ActionsGPT from the Web App: While on the actions builder page of the ChatGPT web app, look for the new shortcut that takes you directly to ActionsGPT, making the process of creating and implementing custom actions quicker and more streamlined.
ActionsGPT shortcut

Who benefits from these features?

These enhancements are particularly helpful for prompt engineers and AI early adopters who are consistently looking to tailor their AI interactions for efficiency and specificity. Image viewing within voice conversations adds a new dimension to multitasking, allowing users to engage with visual content without disrupting the flow of dialogue. Custom conversation starters facilitate more nuanced and purpose-driven exchanges, especially valuable for developers and enthusiasts experimenting with personalized GPT models. The direct shortcut to ActionsGPT is a boon for those who frequently build and integrate actions, cementing the ChatGPT app as a versatile tool for innovative AI applications.

About ChatGPT and Its iOS Application

ChatGPT is a powerhouse in the realm of AI-driven conversational tools. Built on OpenAI's GPT architecture, it delivers high-quality natural language understanding and generation. Its iOS app brings this technology to mobile users, catering to vast use cases from casual chit-chat to complex problem-solving. With the recent updates, ChatGPT continues to push the boundaries of what conversational AI can achieve on mobile platforms, exemplifying its commitment to providing a seamless and enriched user experience.