ICYMI: Google Photos on iOS now stacks your pictures automatically with AI

Explore the newest AI-powered photo stacking feature in Google Photos for iOS and simplify your gallery!

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ICYMI: Google Photos on iOS now stacks your pictures automatically with AI

Are you struggling to manage the clutter of similar photographs in your Google Photos? Google has stepped up to ease your photo organization hassles with a brainy update: automatic photo stacking powered by AI. Now when you capture those multiple shots to get that one perfect picture, Google Photos will smartly stack these similar images together, offering a tidy single thumbnail view in your gallery. This innovative leap guarantees a cleaner viewing experience, and it's making waves among iOS users who are all too familiar with the snapshot surplus.

A key aspect of this feature is its ability to recognize not just identical, but also similar photos, adding a layer of practical utility. While users will need to allow some time for Google Photos to analyze their library or newly captured images, the process typically completes within several hours, after which the stacked photos become visible.

How to Enjoy the New Auto-Photo Stacking Feature

  1. Update Google Photos: Ensure you have the latest version of Google Photos installed from the App Store.
  2. Take Photos: Snap a few pictures as you usually would.
  3. Give it Time: Allow Google Photos some time to process your images. It typically takes a few hours for the AI to analyze and stack your photos.
  4. Check the Gallery: Open your Google Photos gallery and observe as similar shots are now elegantly combined into a single stack.
  5. Browse Versions: Tap on the stacked photo thumbnail to look through all the grouped snapshots and pick your favourite.

About Google Photos

Google Photos stands out as a go-to photo sharing and storage service, leveraging Google's AI expertise to offer features such as automatic labelling, smart search, and now the auto-photo stacking functionality. It is widely celebrated for its intuitive design and powerful, user-centric features. This latest update underscores Google's commitment to harness AI to enhance user experience and showcases the company's advanced capabilities in image recognition technology.