ICYMI: Capcut for Android introduced an AI image-generation feature for photo editing

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ICYMI: Capcut for Android introduced an AI image-generation feature for photo editing

In case you missed it, Capcut for Android recently introduced an AI image generation feature called "AI Images" that allows users to enhance their images using AI-powered prompts. This innovative addition to the popular video editing app offers users more creative possibilities to improve their images.

How to Access and Use the Feature

To access and use the "AI Images" feature in Capcut for Android, follow these enumerated steps:

  1. Update your Capcut app to the latest version from the Google Play Store.
  2. In the main menu top bar, tap on the "AI Images" button.
  3. Select an image to enhance.
  4. Type in a prompt in the text box or select from the available preset prompts, similar to Midjourney.
  5. Adjust the intensity of the AI editing as desired.
  6. Preview the AI-generated enhancements and apply them to your image.

Note: You can also tap on the "Hot" button to open a gallery of user-generated images with hot creations submitted by users. Free users will receive 5 credits to try out the AI image generation feature. The Pro version, which costs around $10, provides other benefits like additional features, effects, and more.

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Benefits and Target Users

The "AI Images" feature is designed for creators who want to enhance their images without having to spend a lot of time editing. With AI-powered prompts, the feature provides various creative possibilities to improve the overall visual appeal of images. This addition makes Capcut an even more powerful tool for content creators, influencers, and casual users alike.

General Context About Capcut

Capcut is a popular video editing app that offers a wide range of features to help users create professional-looking videos with ease. Some of its standout features include a multi-layer timeline, keyframe animations, and a vast library of effects, transitions, and filters. With the introduction of the "AI Images" feature, Capcut continues to innovate and provide users with advanced editing tools that cater to their creative needs.

Source: The news about the AI image generation feature was shared by Twitter user @techjalal