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How to create local groups in Telegram for Android

· 1 min read
How to create local groups in Telegram for Android

Not a new feature, per se, but local groups in Telegram are certainly not as widely used as they deserve to be.

Now onto the topic of this report. The official Telegram Twitter account recently published another one from their famous #TelegramTips series highlighting the "local groups" functionality found in their mobile apps and how easy it is to set it up and running.

To create a new local group - assuming that you are on a fairly recent version of the app - you have to enter the Contacts section from the left hamburger menu, and after that, hit the Add People Nearby option. Keep in mind that you will have to give Telegram access to your precise location. Furthermore, your friends will need to be on the same People Nearby page on their device, with location services turned on as well.

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