Google Gemini app now available in the EU and UK for Android users

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Update: Now available on the iOS Google app as well.

On June 5, 2024, Google broadened the availability of its Gemini app to users in the European Union and the United Kingdom, marking an important extension from its initial launch. Previously accessible only in the United States and certain regions, this broader offering allows Android users in these additional areas to download the Gemini app from the Google Play Store. The Gemini app provides an alternative to Google Assistant on Android devices, thereby expanding the options available to users for AI assistance. Importantly, the Gemini app now works with Android devices running versions 10 and 11, aside from the initially required higher Android version. This update extends the app's reach to a wider array of Android users, including those with older smartphone models.

For iOS device users, the situation offers a contrast. While the Gemini app is available on Android, its equivalent feature within the Google app for iOS is pending full launch in the EU and UK. There is keen anticipation for this forthcoming update, which is expected soon and will bring Gemini functionality to iPhone users via the Google app.

Update: Now available on the iOS Google app as well 🔥

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About the Gemini App:

Google developed the Gemini app as an AI-powered assistance application. It acts as an alternative to the Google Assistant on Android devices, offering advanced AI features. After its initial launch in the United States and selective regions, its availability now includes the European Union and the United Kingdom. This wider release reflects Google's dedication to broadening access to its AI technology across diverse audiences, even for those with older Android smartphones.