[Recovered] ChatGPT, ClaudeAI and Perplexity are experiencing a major outage during the rollout of a new GPT model

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ChatGPT is down
  • Update 17:52: ClaudeAI has recovered 💪
  • Update 18:00: Perplexity has recovered 💪
  • Update 18:40: ChatGPT has recovered 🔥

ChatGPT has been experiencing a major outage since Tuesday, June 4th, lasting over 3 hours. The issue seems to primarily affect the ChatGPT app across all platforms. Many users are encountering 500 server errors when the app tries to retrieve information about available models and connect to voice chat features (which happens during the launching of the app for a new chat).

Some of the users have also experienced seeing an unexpected list of models in the dropdown which would include two versions of GPT-4. This change has been reverted shortly before the outage.

This outage coincides with the start of New York Tech Week, where OpenAI is scheduled to host a closed, offline event on June 6th. Rumours suggest that OpenAI might be planning to release a new model (possibly GPT-4.5, GPT-5, or GPT-4o with new voice and vision capabilities) around the same time as the event. The ongoing outage has fueled speculation that the technical difficulties might be related to the rollout of this new model.

ClaudeAI is down
Perplexity is down

It's important to note that this outage appears to be specific to ChatGPT, Perplexity, and Claude. Interestingly, Copilot and Google Gemini seem to be functioning normally. This suggests the issue might be isolated to a particular platform or service provider used by these three AI chatbots.