Vision capabilities removed from ChatGPT Alpha onboarding on macOS

· 1 min read
Voice Alpha onboarding

OpenAI has recently updated its ChatGPT application for macOS, bringing it in line with the iOS version released last week. This update introduces several changes and improvements to enhance user experience and functionality.

The most notable change in this update is the revamp of the upcoming Voice UI. The new design features larger and more prominent buttons, making it easier for users to interact with the voice capabilities of ChatGPT. This redesign suggests that OpenAI is placing greater emphasis on voice interactions, potentially preparing for a broader rollout of voice-based features in the near future.

Another significant change is the exclusion of vision capabilities from the Alpha onboarding screen. This modification could indicate that OpenAI is refining its approach to introducing new features or that vision capabilities may be undergoing further development before being prominently showcased to users.

The macOS update largely mirrors the changes implemented in the iOS version released earlier. According to the linked article, the iOS update included a redesigned user interface, likely aimed at improving navigation and overall user experience. While specific details about the iOS changes are not provided in the given context, it's reasonable to assume that similar UI improvements have been carried over to the macOS version.