Google’s Veo to debut with Storyboard Composer for creators

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VideoFX Storyboard

Google is working on Storyboard Composer for AI-generated videos. This new tool will be part of the upcoming VideoFX experiment on AI Test Kitchen from Google, alongside a simple text-to-video option. Unlike the text-to-video mode, Storyboard Composer features a timeline for adding or removing sample slots. A tooltip suggests that it will be possible to generate shots, but it's still unclear how exactly this will work.

A few disclaimers: Veo video generation is still not functional, and VideoFX is not yet available for public use. If you haven't applied yet, there's a form where you can join the waitlist to become a trusted tester. VideoFX will only be available to trusted testers when it is released. The main question remains whether the Veo model is ready to be used with VideoFX, as it currently isn't.

VideoFX Storyboard
VideoFX Storyboard UI

Regarding the new Storyboard feature, it's interesting that Google seems to be targeting video creators and filmmakers. Unlike other platforms that simply generate video files, Storyboard Composer allows you to create a timeline where you can add, shuffle, and combine multiple samples into one movie. The Create Video button suggests that the final video will be created only after configuring your timeline. It's still unclear if you will be creating videos from text or generating images first and then compiling them into a video.

There are still many open questions, and the rollout date remains unclear. However, with recent releases from companies like Lumalabs and Pikalabs, Google might need to speed up its development of Veo to keep up.