xAI develops Grok for Coding mode for coding tasks

· 1 min read
Grok code

Grok for Coding is currently in development by xAI. This new mode will potentially be available on the standalone Grok version on the web, alongside other modes such as Regular or Fun. The name suggests that Grok in this mode will be particularly suitable for coding tasks.

Mode Selection and Features

When this mode is selected, its icon changes, and the label indicates that Grok will excel at answering questions related to coding. Similar to other modes, Grok for Coding will likely have a special system prompt. However, during my reverse engineering tests, this prompt wasn’t working and failed due to a wrong model error.

Grok error

Speculation on Model and Capabilities

This issue could imply that Coding Grok will use a different model, potentially Grok 1.5 Vision. However, this remains speculative as testing Grok in this mode is not currently possible. Additionally, this mode could benefit from the file upload capability, which has been discovered to be hidden in development. This feature will allow users to upload images to Grok, potentially assisting with coding tasks by checking uploaded screenshots.

Grok Version 1.5 Rollout

Meanwhile, Grok version 1.5 is gradually rolling out to users on X. The first users received it on Wednesday. Initially, there were issues with the mode selector, but these seem to have been resolved, and the update is now being rolled out more broadly.