7 new minimalistic and AI-based Android launchers that you probably never heard of

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Do you remember the time when every new launcher on Google Play was focusing on customisation features and design? I think it is still the case, but now you can spot some new trends if you will start exploring new launchers available on Google Play.

Some launchers are trying to help people to focus on important tasks and detox from their devices. In opposite to this, some launchers are trying to integrate AI algorithms into their workflows and assist people with useful recommendations.

All these launchers are also available for beta testing and most of them are also in the early access mode. I split them into two categories - "AI launchers" and "Minimalistic launchers".

AI launchers

Interactive launcher

The main UI of this launcher is quite simple - a home screen with app shortcuts and app drawer with a list of all installed apps. UI part has a very simple design and might require some additional work.

The unique part is that it has its own voice assistant and a huge list of voice commands available. You also can create your own voice commands and assign them to different actions.

I categorised it as an AI launcher because it relies a lot on voice recognition and all its core features are based on it. The voice assistant itself is quite powerful and it will take a bit of time to explore all its features.

Interactive Launcher - Apps on Google Play
IC Assistant And Launcher is an android application, Which can help you to quickly find apps, contacts or files you want to open. To find things quickly or to open websites or YouTube videos or channels from your phone, IC Assistant provides many unique features, which are available on your fingure …

You can also check their promo video to get a better idea about features that this launcher have. On IC website, there is also a full list of available voice skills and some user guides.

YASAN launcher

This launcher doesn't have a voice assistant but it uses AI to learn your usage patterns. This data is used later on in order to show you an AI-powered dashboard of recommended apps that you most likely would need at any particular moment of time.

Apart from this dashboard it also has a minimalistic home-screen view with some widgets and a new set of AI picks. You can also pin your most-used apps to the home-screen from settings.

YASAN Launcher - Powered by AI 💡 - Apps on Google Play
YASAN Launcher is an intelligent & smart home screen replacement that uses artificial intelligence and a minimal user interface to let you perform your daily tasks faster and easier. Top reasons to use YASAN Launcher: 💡 Powered by AI: YASAN Launcher is a smart launcher which uses artificial inte…

This launcher also have a telegram channel with new updates and a discussion group.

Minimalistic launchers

AIO launcher

Despite having "AI" in its name, this launcher belongs to minimalistic launchers. This launcher offers you a wall of information and tools as a home screen. You can customise all elements on this wall but as it is mostly text-based - it doesn't require a lot of space and has a very minimalistic design.

This launcher won't necessarily help you to "detox" from your phone but it will display some additional information to your home screen so you won't need to open individual apps to see it.

AIO Launcher - Apps on Google Play
AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information. AIO Launcher can display the following information on the screen: * Weather - current wea…

AIO launcher also supports integration with Tasker API and ADB so you can control AIO launcher via these tools programmatically. More info can be found on their website 🌎

Indistractable Launcher

This launcher is a good example of a minimalistic approach. A blank screen, only 4 favourite apps and a bit of additional info like a "year progress". You can access other apps from a drawer on the right side via search. The "theme", app icons and "widgets" are customisable as well.

Indistractable Launcher - The minimalist launcher - Apps on Google Play
Welcome to the Indistractable launcher ⭐️ Tired of the clutter? Want to take a shot at being more focused? Let’s help you on your goal to digital detox and live a life free from unwanted distraction! (++ let’s make the journey super cool!) 💡 Ideology: ✶Indistractable launcher is inspired by The…

Indistractable Launcher aims to be a new age minimalist launcher to help you curb digital distraction and boost your productivity. It is developed by two minimalists whom you can find on Twitter #StayIndistractable

Ceri Launcher

This launcher has a minimalistic home screen with big app icons and a search based apps drawer. Unlike other minimalistic launchers, Ceri launcher is more "visual". It also has a lot of customisation options as many modern launchers these days. Many nice options belong to the PRO app but the overall quality is quite good as well.

Ceri Launcher - Apps on Google Play
This app is currently in beta! This means that, while it is fully functional as an Android launcher, there may be some features missing or subpar performance on some devices. See the list of potential issues below. Main features: • 💡 Simple: Ceri Launcher cuts the clutter for a smoother Android ex…

Ceri launcher is developed by a young student from England whom you can follow on Twitter too 👻


This launcher encourages you to write down your main "intention" and it will be displayed on your home screen. On the left side it has three other screens with a different set of apps:

  • Basic apps that everyone uses like maps, messages, camera, etc. You will see only icons provided by the launcher itself and you will need to map them to your favourite apps accordingly.
  • Your favourite apps that you can pick yourself. Displayed as text icons.
  • Apps flagged by the launcher as time-consuming. Also displayed as text icons.

All sets of apps are customisable so you can configure it for your needs to some extend.

The overall goal of this launcher is quite clear, it can help you to "detox" from your device. Design of the launcher is quite plane but I believe that it also works towards the main goal.

The special part of this launcher would be a screen with your main intention. It might be useful form many people to write a long term goal or something meaningful that you want to remind yourself about when you look at your phone.

Siempo - A Launcher for Humans - Apps on Google Play
Welcome to Siempo’s Beta Launch! Siempo transforms any smartphone into a more intentional and less distracting digital experience. Batch notifications, calm your home screen, create distance between distracting apps and more in order to prevent unconscious use and live a life of deeper focus, pres…

Siempo launcher was developed by a team that is passionate about wellbeing.

We created Siempo because we want to help people be more present, focused, and happy. We believe that devices and apps should be designed with human wellbeing in mind.

The team is working on solutions for other platforms as well. You can get a better idea about their work from Siempo website.

Sentien Launcher

This launcher was probably shared in this community in the past but it worth being shared again. It offers you a search bar for apps and content inside some other apps. You can also add one widget there and browse a history of apps that you've used.

I like a color scheme that this launcher is using and I find that search launchers quite easy to use on a daily basis.

Sentien Launcher | Clear focus. - Apps on Google Play
Quick. Smart. Minimalist. Designed with your digital wellbeing in mind. Combat the overwhelming clutter of your home screen and give your attention span a break with the minimalist interface of Sentien Launcher. Cut down on the compulsion to check your phone by searching for the app you want and c…

One interesting addition about Sentien launcher, they are also developing a headset with bone-connectivity which will be ready to launch in December 2020. The headset comes with a control app for Android as well. You can check more info about it on their website 🎧

Closing words

I am personally a user of OneUI and if I would pick a launcher for myself I would try to stick to t-ui launcher that also offers access to the terminal on the home page. Unfortunately, it is not much supported anymore afaik.

What is your favourite launcher at this moment?