ICYMI: First impression from ChatGPT iOS app and its speech-to-text feature

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ICYMI: First impression from ChatGPT iOS app and its speech-to-text feature

The ChatGPT iOS app has expanded its availability to 30 more regions, and its speech-to-text feature is grabbing everyone's attention. Not only does it stand out from the browser version, but it also outshines other well-known apps like Google Transcribe, Bing AI chat, Alexa, and Gboard speech-to-text.

How to access speech-to-text on the ChatGPT iOS app

  1. Open the ChatGPT app on your iOS device.
  2. Locate the speech-to-text button at the bottom next to the send button.
  3. Press and hold the button to speak.
  4. Release the button once you've finished speaking.
  5. The app will transcribe your speech into text before sending it.

In addition to speech-to-text, users can switch between gpt3.5 and gpt4 AI models, and manage history and data settings. However, the app does not currently support Beta features like Browsing mode, Plugins or sharable links found in the web version. A special feature on the mobile app is the adjustable haptic feedback upon AI response, making the user experience more interactive. Additionally, ChatGPT can automatically detect the speech language or users can manually set their preferred language.

This new speech-to-text functionality is valuable for users who want a seamless, hands-free way to communicate with ChatGPT, particularly those with accessibility needs or when multitasking. ChatGPT is an innovative language model, that empowers users to generate human-like text based on provided prompts. As a result, users can create content, draft emails, answer questions, and much more.

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