Grok 1.5 rolls out globally but with a "Fun" twist

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Grok 1.5

xAI is rolling out Grok version 1.5 globally. The update is visible across web and mobile clients, as well as the standalone web version. When you open the mode selector, it now shows that Grok 1.5 is in use. However, there are some inconsistencies:

  1. On the web version, only the “fun” mode is available.
  2. On mobile, it defaults to “fun” regardless of the selection.
  3. The standalone version has removed the mode selector from the home page entirely, indicating Grok 1.5 is rolling out only in the default “fun” mode.

This rollout was initially planned for June 21st, and an official announcement is expected on Friday. This announcement may also include the ability to interact with the regular mode.

Previously, xAI had other modes like “unhinged,” which was available on the standalone version but was later removed. It’s unclear if “unhinged” will return. Other changes include:

  1. The Diversity and Inclusion mode remains in the code.
  2. The Socrates mode has been removed.
  3. A new “code” mode has been added, tailored for programming.
Grok 1.5 at coding
Grok 1.5 at coding

Interestingly, the current Grok 1.5 version already supports code execution, marking a big improvement over previous versions 🤖