Grok's potential use of Midjourney for image generation gains evidence

· 1 min read
Grok image uploads

Earlier this year in February, there were rumors about xAI being in talks with Midjourney regarding a potential partnership. Until now, there was no further information about these discussions. Recently, however, a reference to Midjourney was discovered in the codebase of the standalone version of Grok.

Previously, it was known that xAI is working on adding image-generation capabilities to Grok. Now, it seems there are features that might utilize Midjourney. This suggests that Grok could potentially use Midjourney models through an API to generate images. If true, this would be a significant upgrade for the Grok AI model, as Midjourney is renowned for producing highly advanced images and is one of the leading AI labs in image generation.

Additionally, it appears that the standalone version of Grok will soon allow users to upload images, indicating upcoming vision capabilities. This could be part of the upgrade to Grok 1.5, which has already started rolling out to users on X and on the standalone Grok version.