Twitter rolls out new Premium+ subscription tier with early access to Grok AI

Explore the new Premium+ subscription on X (Twitter) for early access to Grok AI, enhanced visibility, and content monetization opportunities.

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Twitter rolls out new Premium+ subscription tier with early access to Grok AI

In the constantly evolving world of social media, Twitter—now rebranded as X—has set the stage for an exciting new venture with the introduction of its Premium+ subscription tier. This game-changing service does not only enhance user experiences but notably serves as a golden ticket to early access of the much-anticipated Grok AI. The buzz around Grok AI has been building, and X is granting its subscribers a coveted spot on the waitlist to be among the first to experience this cutting-edge AI technology.

How to Access and Try the Premium+ Subscription:

  1. Visit the Twitter X website and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to your profile's subscription settings.
  3. Select the Premium+ subscription tier option.
  4. Complete the upgrade process by paying the 19 EUR monthly subscription fee.
  5. Once subscribed, you’ll be placed on the early access waitlist for Grok AI.

Who Benefits from Premium+:

The Premium+ tier is tailored for tech enthusiasts and prompt engineers who are vested in AI development as well as for social media influencers and content creators looking to amplify their online presence. This tier's perks will particularly resonate with AI early adopters eager to delve into the capabilities of Grok AI. On top of that, those who value increased visibility and monetization features on their social media content will find this subscription especially beneficial.

More About Twitter X and Grok AI:

Twitter X, under the visionary leadership, glimpsed through Elon Musk's active engagement, has been steering towards integrating richer features on its platform. The development of Grok AI is a testament to Twitter X's commitment to innovation and providing tools that empower users to stay at the forefront of AI technology. This trend signals Twitter X's alignment with the growing demand for more intelligent, interactive, and monetizable social media experiences.