Runway's Gen3 Alpha rolls out, additional features incoming

· 1 min read
Camera mouse control

Today, Runway announced that their Gen3 Alpha model is now available to everyone on the standard plan and above. This release is not available for free users, but paid members can already give it a try. There are already many impressive examples out there you can find on X.

In my opinion, if the model does not capture what needs to be visualized on the first attempt, it can become quite expensive. You get around 15 generations per month, which is quite limited. Currently, the Gen3 Alpha is only available for text prompts, with no additional controls.

However, Runway is working on expanding the feature set for Gen3. This includes image-to-video capabilities and the option to choose 1040p resolution, which will cost 20 credits per second—twice as expensive. A new camera control feature is also in the works. This will allow you to control the camera settings using your mouse, letting you drag the perspective area around the image to adjust position and angle and define motion settings. Hopefully, this will arrive alongside the motion brush capability.

Camera control for gen3

For those waiting for Gen3, these upcoming features will be highly anticipated, making video generation much more straightforward and controllable compared to the current text-only prompts.