New Pro Search feature from Perplexity AI excels in multi-step reasoning

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Perplexity Pro Search

Perplexity AI has recently introduced significant upgrades to its Pro Search feature, designed to provide more comprehensive and accurate responses to complex queries. This advanced search capability is tailored to meet the needs of professionals and researchers who require in-depth information and precise answers.

UPD: Pro search is now also available on Android 🤖

  1. Multi-Step Reasoning: Pro Search can break down complex queries into multiple steps, providing a more detailed and structured response.
  2. Advanced Math and Programming Capabilities: The feature includes enhanced code execution capabilities, allowing users to perform advanced math and programming tasks with greater accuracy and speed.
  3. Integration with Wolfram|Alpha Engine: The upgraded Pro Search integrates with Wolfram|Alpha, enabling users to perform advanced mathematical calculations and data analysis.
  1. Solves Complex Problems: Pro Search asks clarifying questions to hone in on what the user is really looking for, eliminating irrelevant information.
  2. Summarizes Information: Its responses compile the best insights from a wide range of sources and link directly to them, so users don’t have to sift through endless pages to find the information they need.
  3. Interprets Code: Pro Search includes a code interpreter that allows users to execute code and obtain fast results, making it particularly useful for data analysis, debugging, and content generation.

Use Cases

  1. Academic Research: Pro Search is the ultimate research assistant for students and academics, digging through academic databases, running simulations, and performing data analysis to tailor its findings.
  2. Professional Research: Pro search can pinpoint case laws for attorneys, summarize trend analysis for marketers, and debug code for developers—and that’s just the start.
  3. Code Interpretation: Pro Search is a powerful tool for developers and programmers, debugging code, running simulations, and providing detailed explanations for complex programming concepts.

User Limits

  1. Free Plan: Up to five Pro queries every four hours.
  2. Pro Subscribers: Up to 600 Pro searches per day.

Company Background

Perplexity AI was founded on August 3, 2022, by Aravind Srinivas (CEO), Denis Yarats (CTO), and Andy Konwinski. The company has secured significant funding and has over 10 million monthly active users.