Perplexity aims to revolutionise content creation with Perplexity Pages Beta

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Perplexity Pages UI

Perplexity is currently beta testing a new feature known as "Perplexity Pages," which is designed to enhance the content creation capabilities within its platform. This feature is in a limited testing phase, accessible only to users who signed up through an official form. The company has already reached its desired number of participants for this phase.

Perplexity Pages Beta

"Perplexity Pages" allows users to generate content directly on the Perplexity platform. Positioned alongside existing features like Threads and Collections, Pages functions similarly to a text editor but is driven by AI. Users start by inputting a prompt and specifying their target audience level—novice or expert. Based on this input, Perplexity executes a search across public resources to generate a draft article. Users can then interact with this draft by selecting and adding images, and modifying the text through follow-up questions to add or remove sections. Once finalized, the content can be published on Perplexity and shared.

New Page on Perplexity Pages Beta

Currently, the Pages feature is only available via the web interface, though the content created can be accessed on both the web and iOS platforms. This accessibility suggests that while the feature is still in its nascent stages, it has the potential to expand and integrate more fully across different devices and user interfaces.

Perplexity Pages Beta
New section Editing on Perplexity Pages Beta

Looking ahead, the integration of Perplexity Pages into the platform's Discover section could significantly enhance its functionality, potentially transforming it into a hub for AI-generated news and content, akin to a "TikTok for AI-generated news." This would not only broaden the scope of content creation within Perplexity but also offer a novel platform for user-generated content, leveraging AI to cater to diverse informational and educational needs.

You can check the generated result over here (without any post-editing).