Here is what to expect from the limited alpha for ChatGPT voice mode

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ChatGPT Voice Alpha invite UI
ChatGPT Voice Alpha invite UI

The ChatGPT iOS app got another update featuring some new UI components which might be shown to alpha testers of the upcoming advanced voice mode. These UIs are hidden behind a feature flag but can give us more context about what to expect.

Important Update: OpenAI made an announcement in regards to their release plans. ChatGPT voice Alpha is expected to start in July for a limited amount of users. All Plus subscribers are expected to receive it in the Fall.

The invite screen indicates that the advanced voice mode will be in limited alpha, meaning only a small portion of users will get access until a broader rollout. It could take months before the majority of users receive access. Additionally, the access may be subject to change, implying it could be revoked at some point.

The description also mentions that audio and video content will be used to train OpenAI models. This means alpha testers will need to enable training for audio and video. A new toggle for video training might be introduced in the future since it doesn’t currently exist. Users can opt out of training and the alpha by disabling the “improved model for everyone” settings, which suggests that explicitly disabling this setting might opt you out of the alpha as well.

The description outlines what to expect:

Natural conversations with real-time responses, the ability to sense and respond to emotions, humour, sarcasm, and more, and also video chats.

You can tap the camera icon to share your surroundings, indicating that screen-sharing mode likely won’t be available during the alpha release. Upon accepting the alpha opt-in, you can toggle between advanced and standard modes, with the advanced mode becoming available. Audio and video will be recorded for evaluations and data training.

OpenAI is preparing its iOS app for the upcoming voice model
The app now includes a new setting to turn off background conversations. Earlier, conversations would have continued if the ChatGPT app had been minimized.

Currently, the iOS version still relies on the same flow used to show the demo and fails to connect to the advanced mode, while standard mode functions as before. This could mean the feature won’t be available in some regions or will be explicitly enabled for certain accounts, making it difficult to access. We are getting closer to an announcement from OpenAI that will provide details about the alpha program, including availability and eligibility. Initially, it was highlighted that it would be available to all Plus subscribers.

The macOS update, which is expected to be released, still hasn’t arrived. We’ll see if it brings more details in the future.

Lastly, there was an additional change to the ChatGPT iOS app: users can now disable auto-correction explicitly, which was previously enabled by default without an option to disable it.