Now you can use Bard's extensions with Japanese and Korean along with new Replit export options

Explore Google Bard in new languages and enhanced coding export tools. Stay ahead with latest AI updates for developers and tech enthusiasts.

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Now you can use Bard's extensions with Japanese and Korean along with new Replit export options

The world of AI is rapidly evolving, and Google Bard is leading the charge with its latest update. This release sees the expansion of Bard’s language support and further positions the platform as a favoured tool for developers worldwide. Updated on December 18, 2023, Bard now transcends language barriers with the addition of Japanese and Korean for "Extensions" users. Moreover, the update bolsters the 'Export to Replit' feature, broadening its purview from Python to an array of 18 additional programming languages, including popular ones like C++, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and Swift.

How to Utilize the New Features in Google Bard

To take advantage of these new capabilities, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log in to your Google account and navigate to Google Bard’s interface.
  2. Utilize Bard’s Extensions to access information across Google services in your selected language (Japanese or Korean)
  3. For developers, start by asking Bard to assist with code-related queries or tasks.
  4. Once you've received your AI-generated code snippet, click on the newly enhanced 'Export to Replit' button.

Who Stands to Benefit from Google Bard's Update

The expanded language support is a boon for Japanese and Korean-speaking users who will now have the ability to interact with Bard in their native languages, ensuring more precise and relevant responses. Meanwhile, developers at various skill levels and coding preferences are set to benefit significantly from the wider range of programming languages now supported by Bard's export feature. This addition elevates Bard’s role in simplifying code generation and deployment processes across diverse development stacks.

More About Google Bard

Google Bard harnesses AI to furnish real-time information from across the Google ecosystem – be it search, entertainment, or productivity tools. It is designed with the intention of offering a seamlessly integrated experience that respects user privacy. Google continues to responsibly broaden Bard's functionalities, placing equal importance on its utility for everyday tasks and professional applications such as coding.

Source of the News

This update information comes directly from Google Bard’s official updates page.