How to read your Reddit feeds on Feedly for free

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How to read your Reddit feeds on Feedly for free

Feedly now allows syncing your Reddit account on its free tier. Feedly is one of the best tools for news sourcing and curation that is actively used by TestingCatalog.

Now it got a new feature called Reddit Feeds that allows syncing your Reddit account with Feedly and following your favourite subreddits. Previously it was possible to follow Reddit resources as well but now it got a dedicated section in Feedly discover and makes it much easier to search for subreddits you are looking for.

You may notice a prompt message promoting this new feature on the Android app but you will need to go to the web version to do a sync.

After that, you can easily read your subreddits via an Android app as well.

How to test:

  • Open Feedly on the web and tap on the + button.
  • Switch to the Reddit Feeds tab.
  • Login to your Reddit account.
  • Search for subreddits you follow and add them as a source.
  • Open Feedly on Android to read them.

This feature is available for free unlike Twitter feeds but the Pro version can enhance your experience quite a lot if you use Leo to source relevant posts for you.

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