ElevenLabs AI Reader iOS app now accessible in more countries

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ElevenLabs iOS app

ElevenLabs has expanded the availability of its Audio Reader app for iOS to more countries. Initially, it was only available in the US, UK, and Canada. The app currently supports only English, with more languages planned for the future.

‎ElevenLabs Reader: AI Audio
‎Convert text into natural, expressive speech. Ideal for articles, ePubs, PDFs, or any text. ElevenLabs Reader puts our most capable Text to Speech (TTS) model in your pocket. App Features Text Reader: Voice any length of text in high quality, human-like voices Control reading speed: Speed up or slo…

The Audio-Reader app allows users to add links, text, or files and select a voice from ElevenLabs to read the content aloud. It includes premium voices from popular actors and is expected to offer the ability to download audio files in the future, enhancing its utility.

At present, the app functions primarily as a read-aloud tool, similar to features found in apps like Chrome or Perplexity, but with a broader selection of voices. When the option to download audio files becomes available, users will be able to convert text into audio format for various uses, such as podcasts. This added functionality will make the app more versatile and practical.