Eleven Labs debuts mobile audio reader app for iOS users

· 1 min read
ElevenLabs mobile app

Eleven Labs has recently announced its new mobile app, an audio reader that can read PDFs, websites, and other content aloud using your voice. Eleven Labs, known for its AI research in audio technology, is launching this app as their first mobile product.

‎ElevenLabs Reader: AI Audio
‎Convert text into natural, expressive speech. Ideal for articles, ePubs, PDFs, or any text. ElevenLabs Reader puts our most capable Text to Speech (TTS) model in your pocket. App Features Text Reader: Voice any length of text in high quality, human-like voices Control reading speed: Speed up or slo…

The iOS app is now available in the US, UK, and Canada, with other countries gaining access on July 11, a date that aligns with their brand name. While the Android version isn't available yet, there's a waitlist you can sign up for.

Eleven Labs has taken a unique approach, aiming to provide an interface that allows people to listen to any content on their devices. In the future, it could also serve as an interface for user input. However, without hands-on experience, it's hard to predict its full potential. We'll have to wait until July 11 to see how it performs.