Character.AI launches Character Calls, hits 20 million calls milestone

· 1 min read
Character.AI UI

Character.AI has introduced a new feature called Character Calls, which allows users to participate in voice conversations with AI characters. This feature is part of the platform's suite of Voice features, enabling users to interact with characters in a more immersive and personalized way. Character Calls allows users to talk with AI characters just like they would on a phone call. This feature is available on the mobile app for free and has already seen a high level of usage, with over 20 million calls made by more than 3 million unique users during its initial release.

To use Character Calls, users need to open the Character.AI mobile app. They then select an AI character and initiate a voice call. The app connects the user to the AI character, allowing for a real-time voice conversation. This feature is designed to provide a more human-like communication with AI characters.

The user experience with Character Calls has been positive. Users can have voice conversations with AI characters, making the communication feel more personal. The feature has been well-received, with millions of calls made shortly after its release. This indicates a high level of user involvement and satisfaction.

Character.AI is a platform that focuses on creating immersive and personalized AI experiences. Developed by Character.AI, the platform uses large language models (LLMs) to facilitate conversations with AI characters. The technology behind Character.AI involves a supercomputer that reads large amounts of text and predicts the next words in a sentence, resulting in human-like AI interactions. Since its launch in 2022, Character.AI has significantly reduced its serving costs, making it a profitable B2C AI business.