DuckDuckGo email protection beta is out for first users

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DuckDuckGo email protection beta invite
DuckDuckGo email protection beta invite

Earlier this year, the DuckDuckGo team announced its new Email Protection feature to which you could sign up from the app. This feature is in beta and today, some of the first users got their invites.

📩 In order to check if you got it or not, you can open the app and see if you will receive a push notification with the announcement. For some reason, I didn't receive any push until that.

UPD 05.08.21: DuckDuckGo team clarified to us that the app is polling invite status every hour and also when the app is opened so you will get a notification in any case. This is also a nice choice from the privacy perspective b/c the DuckDuck app doesn't need to know your device id in this case.

📩 From the onboarding screen, you will be asked to pick your email and specify your normal email address. Your normal email will start receiving redirected emails from the address with all email trackers being removed.

DuckDuckGo email protection beta setup
DuckDuckGo email protection beta setup

DuckDuckGo browser app will also be able to autofill email forms with a randomly generated address. This can be useful if you think that the website could be sending spam or sharing your information.

How to use address to protect your real email:

  • Open a web page in DuckDuckGo browser that asks for your email.
  • Wait for a Duck logo to appear next to the email field.
  • Tap on the Duck logo icon.
  • Choose if you want to use your permanent email address or a randomly generated one.
  • press submit and check an email that you configured for redirection in the Email Protection settings.
DuckDuckGo email protection beta in action. Source: DuckDuckGo

Alternatively, you can just type your permanent @duck email address if the icon doesn't appear.

📩 DuckDuckGo also shows you an information about what trackers were removed from the email. Here you can see that Revue uses SendGrid underneath.

DuckDuckGo email protection shows removed trackers
DuckDuckGo email protection shows removed trackers

If you still didn't get it, you can check how to opt-in for the Email Protection beta feature and receive your email address.

More info can be found on the DuckDuckGo blog post. So, have you got the invite as well? Tell us in comments below! 👇

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