Coze introduces Premium and Premium Plus plans

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Coze Premium

Remember Coze? A free AI bot platform with loads of features?

It is no longer free. Coze is getting Premium and Premium Plus. Premium plans come with extra daily credits while free users can send around 10 messages per day. Interestingly, bot builders can decide if LLM costs will be covered by users or by the builder. However, there are no signs of monetisation for AI bot builders.


Coze AI Platform Transition to Paid Services

Coze AI is transitioning to a paid service model, introducing new plans with daily message credit limits. The plans include:

  1. Free: 10 daily credits
  2. Premium ($9/month): 100 daily credits
  3. Premium Plus ($39/month): 1000 daily credits

Different AI models consume different amounts of credits. Users must link their Discord or Telegram accounts, and their usage will consume credits from the builder's account. The transition aims to explore AI service monetization and maintain the platform, as the cost per call is significant due to Coze's reliance on OpenAI and Gemini APIs.


But on the same note, Coze is getting new features every week. Now you can create Teams on Coze, allowing multiple people to collaborate on bots and plugins.


It is also getting Cards support. Cards are special UI components which are also supported by Discord and Telegram, helping bot builders to customise bot experiences.